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Dualins Tempesta - 2015 AQHA bay stalliom
This is the fifth year we bred our best broodmare "Tempesta" to our cutting bred stud Dualin With Cows. Her thickness and stamina paired with his cowsense and quickness gave us a beautiful, heavy muscled filly in 2011, and her 2012 and 2013 fillie's sure look like a halter prospects with a cow working future too!
Her 2015 foal is a bay stud colt, born fairly late, yet to expect to catch up with his older half siblings quickly like his sisters did.
sire Dualin Gun 
(Dual Pep x Peppy San Badger)
Dualin With Cows
Mucha Monet
(Mucho Playboy x Freckles Playboy)
Dualins Tempesta
June 19, 2015 dam MB Smart Smokey
Ame Go Red Glo
Tee Bar Jeep

 September 2015

 August 2015

 July 2015

 June 2015

The extended family: siblings and maternal half siblings

 2014 full sister Tempestas Smart Pep about 3.5 month old, she went to California

 2013 full sister Tempesta Dual Glo at age 1 month and 2 month old

 2012 full sister Dually Tempesta, sold to Ann B. of Riverton, WY 

Update on this filly from her new owner in July 2013:
Dually Tempesta is doing good, how big do you think she will get? I was teaching her to lead when we got her home and she acted silly for a bit then stopped, pouted, hung her head and it was over...she led fine after that. I can take off my belt and lead her with that now. 
She is so gentle, I have picked up her feet, sacked her out with a tarp and other stuff, wind chimes, etc and she doesn't care. I have placed a saddle on her but I can't strap it because it's too big and she doesn't care. 
I love her and cannot wait until next summer if she is big enough to get on.  [...]   Ann

 2011 full sister Tempestas Dual Pep in July / August 2011, sold to Susan D. of Cheyenne, WY


 Maternal half siblings: the dark mare at 7 years old, the bay mare at 2 years old, the bay stud colt as a weanling; all sired by Dorky Frosty Spark (son of Frosty Feature). 


 Maternal half brother: 2010 stud colt Featuring Tempesta, sired by Dorky Frosty Spark (son of Frosty Feature), in training to become a pick up horse (winter/spring 2015)

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 sire Dualin With Cows

 dam Ame Go Red Glo (aka Tempesta)

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