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PLENTYOFITGOLDEN  -  2007 AQHA Cremello Colt
Cream is a gelded colt by Plentyofit Freedom, an own son of Plentyofit and grandson of Doc's Hickory. 
He was born in July 2007, his dam is Watchs Golden Girl, a palomino ranch mare with working cow horse bloodlines that go back to Tyress Watch and Doc Bar. 

He was worked with last summer (few rides in the round pen, at least one ride outside) before we brought him back to pasture to grow out. He already rode off on his first ride like a pro. Not knowing better we would have thought he is already broke. Very mellow and laid back personality, but with his breeding he will watch a cow and look unique while doing it. 

He spends this winter in a setting where he is handled daily, he leads, ties, trims, takes wormer and is ready to be started.

The color "cremello" occurs when a horse carries two dilution genes and is, technically, a double
Palomino. Both parents have to carry at least one dilution gene to produce a Cremello and thus have
to be either Palomino, Buckskin or a Smoky Black (often not noticed), or be double diluted (Cremello themselves, Perlino or Smoky Cream). Plentyofitgolden's parents are both Palominos. 
Cremellos are not white but cream colored with underlaying pink skin and blue eyes.
August 2009 September 2009

Plentyofitgolden spends this winter at a small ranch as companion horse for a weanling colt. He was chosen for this job because he has a very laid back personality and gets along with anybody and anything real easy - well, and personal preference for the color has been a reason too. He is handled daily and proofs to be a very friendly, people loving horse.

He stands 13.2 hands and will probably mature around 14.2 hands.

December 2009
January 2010 January 2010 - 
the fly mask protects his blue eyes from the glaring snow - it is like with horse blankets: some people like to be precautious, most horses can do without.

January 2010 January 2010

January 2010 January 2010

February 2010 February 2010 - sorry, he is a bit dirty ... :)

February 2010 February 2010

sire Doc's Hickory (Doc Bar)
sire Chickasha Annie (King Hankins x King)
Plentyofit Freedom
dam Spiros Dream (Par For The Course x Par Three)
Lopez Secret
Lopez Lee Red
Plentyofitgolden (2007 Cremello gelding)
sire Carlas Watch (Tyrees Watch x Watch Joe Jack)
Watch Two Twelve
dam Peppy Two Twelve (Dee Bar Tuff Chex x Docs Dee Bar)
Watchs Golden Girl
dam Docs Sabe Glo (Doc Red Glo x No Maybes)
Misty Eyed Cowgirl
Roses for a Cowboy (Lacks Sassy Roan x Sassy Three)
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