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 Tee Bar Jeep's 2015 AQHA red roan filly
Feedbacks of this colts maternal half brothers and sisters coming in - the only thing these horses can not do seem to be to make a pot of coffee. Friendly, mellow, quick, cowy, easy going - all someone could ask for in a horse. 
We consider Tee Bar Jeep our best broodmare who throws stout, well build horses. Many of her daughters can be found in our broodmare band. 
Her 2015 foal is her first one by Two Timin Shiner, we were contemplating to keep this filly for ourselves. Alas, she went to a repeat buyer who couldn't resist a Tee Bar Jeep foal, even though he prefers geldings.
sire One Time Pepto
(Peptoboonsmal x Peppy San Badger)
Two Timin Shiner
Sue C Shiner
(Shining Spark / Zan Parr Bar)
Shiners Jeep
May 27, 2015 dam Docs Sabre Glo
Tee Bar Jeep
Pines Cuppa Tea


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The extended family: siblings and maternal half siblings

 2008 filly Duallin Bar Jeep by Dualin With Cows, who stayed in Wyoming. Picture here as a 4 year old. 

Tami, WY, 2012: "[...] took her and one of our other mares up to the big horns trail riding yesterday. It was Dually's first time...we took our fishing poles too, some nice holes up there. She went like she was born doing it just like everthing else I have ever introduced her to. Nothing rattles her whether she is alone or with others, it makes no difference. 
A nicer horse I have never had [...]"

Tami, WY, 2014: "[...] I have used her and won in ranch sortings, worked cows, thrown a rope off her, easiest horse I have ever known. When I was using her, I could let her sit for 6 months, go out, saddle and ride off. No buck, no fuss, loads, shoes, easy keeper, sweet-kind and honest! [...]"

 2009 stud colt Dual Tee Jeep by Dualin With Cows, who went to Arizona. Pictures here at 1 month and 3 years old. 
 Kim, AZ: "We really like this colt, he is super smooth and really handy."

 2010 colt Xander Taurus Frosty by Dorky Frosty Spark (Frosty Feature) at 1 month and 3 years old, started a barrel race carrier. 18.681 - is that a good time for a 4 year old? 

 2012 filly by Dualin With Cows went to Texas where she is shown in halter classes as a yearling.

 2013 stud colt Jeeps Dual Pep Four by Dualin With Cows, who stayed in Wyoming. Picture here as a weanling up to two years old.

Tiffany, WY, 2016: 


I am from B., WY and we are the ones that bought Jeeps Dual Pep Four, 2013 colt out of Tee Bar Jeep and Dualin With Cows. He is such a smart, athletic, willing gelding to work with! Every time I ride him I cannot believe how lucky I got! Thank you for selling me such a wonderful horse! He is everything I dreamed of and everything you said him to be! I have been riding him around our place here and he is so willing and extremely easy to work with, very smart, cowy, and wanting to please. I have only two pictures of him that I'll send but I will try and get more to you soon. Have a great day! 

Thanks again!
Tiffany E.

 2014 stud colt Jeeps Dual Pep Five by Dualin With Cows, who went to Kansas with two of his half siblings. He got a lot of white hairs on his barrel when he shed his foal coat.

 Dam & Sire

Tee Bar Jeep, his dam, waiting for her fall de-worming sire Two Timin Shiner in pasture condition

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