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 Gold Lacy Poco's  2015 AQHA buckskin filly
Gold Lacy Poco's foals are always super friendly, and the prettiest foals to boot. If her foal would have been a stud colt it would not be for sale - this foal was the one I personally wanted to keep for myself, after I saw Gold Lacy Poco's former foals develop into the most beautiful horses, straight legged, thick muscled, athletic and cowy, with a great work ethic and the sweetest dispositions one could wish for. Alas - it's a filly, and she is for sale at this time. 
sire Dualin Gun 
(Dual Pep x Peppy San Badger)
Dualin With Cows
Mucha Monet
(Mucho Playboy x Freckles Playboy)
Dualins Gold Poco
May 8, 2015 dam Chickadell Poco
Gold Lacy Poco
Simon Lacy

 August 2015

 July 2015

 May 2015 - just a few hours old in the first picture

The extended family: siblings and maternal half siblings

 2014 bay filly (Dualin With Cows x Gold Lacy Poco)

 2013 buckskin filly Gold Dualin Pistol (Dualin With Cows x Gold Lacy Poco), 2 month old

 2012 half brother and 2011 half sister (Dorky Frosty Spark x Gold Lacy Poco)

 2012 gelding Poco Sparks Golden aka Levi (Dorky Frosty Spark x Gold Lacy Poco)

Feedback from Deborah on "Levi" 
as a two year old

Levi is doing great. He is already broke to ride. And he excels very well with working cattle, trail rides, and parades. He is so laid back and very willing to please. Just an awesome horse. Very impressed with how well he has come along.

Update from September 2015 
(along with the pictures here)

He is such an awesome horse. You guys raise wonderful horses. Someday when I am ready to get another one I will know we're to go!

 2010 half sister Golden Shining Star (Dorky Frosty Spark x Gold Lacy Poco) as a weanling and as a 3 year old

 2009 full sister Lacy Poco Pep (Dualin With Cows x Gold Lacy Poco)

Feedback on 2009 full sister Lacy Poco Pep (Dualin Bar Jeep is a half sister, same sire)

I bought Lacy Poco Pep and Dualin Bar Jeep a little over a year ago from you. [...] I just wanted to say they are by far the best fillies I have owned yet. [...] Lacy came to live with me in New Mexico. I had her brought here in July. I started her under saddle and she is doing amazing! I get told by the others at the barn she is a phenomenal 2 year old. I am getting her ready for the 2012 show season and am trying to get her schooled to possibly hit a couple of reining futurities next year. She shows amazing talent and I am so pleased with both fillies. My last show horse was a handful as a broke aged horse and to have such a calm 2 year old with so much talent is a blessing. She is very calm but loves to work and is very quick on her feet and picks everything up very fast in her training. She acts like she's done it all before. I'm just giving her the cues. Very smart. I just wanted to say thanks and I am definately going to purchase from you guys in the furture. I will keep you updated when we start hitting the show pen. Thanks.  Adrienne.

Update from November 2013 on 2009 full sister Lacy Poco Pep 

Hey there my name is Adrienne. I bought Lacy Poco Pep from you a few years back when she was a yearling. I just wanted to update you on her progress. She is coming along so nice as a trail and arena horse. She is so smart, willing, and FUN! She is very sensitive to where I just have to think what I want her to do and she virtually does it. She loves to run. I take her out on the trails and let her fly and she just loves it! She only matured to be 14.1 hands but she weighs 1100 pounds. She has so much try that she will never quit on me. She is coming along nicely with her reining training too. I have never had the pleasure to ride or train such an amazing animal. I cant wait to hit the show pen with her. 

  Sire Dualin With Cows in pasture condition

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